Fishy Tank
Welcome to Fishy Tank!
Official Fishy Tank Whitepaper, last updated September 2021

FISHY TANK Ecosystem

FISHY TANK is a completely ecosystem, we simulate all ocean life activities in this Play-To-Earn game on NFT technology. Every life activity in game is following nature rules and totally under control of Players.
About 400 billions unique fishes are waiting for players in Fishy Tank ecosystem. Each fish is an unique NFT item, so you could not find any duplicate Fish.


In Fishy Tank, you will never play alone. Fishy Tank is a community where players can support each other through activities. Players can trade their items in Open Freedom MartketPlace.
We will bring more and more activities and event to connect all players in the World.
In the future, new things will come by voting from Players. We always LISTEN TO all of you - Fishy Tank citizens, and make this Fishy Tank society more exciting
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