Fishy Tank
Play to EARN
Catching up the NFT trending, We - FISHY TANK Team developed the new completely Play-To-Earn game on NFT and Blockchain technical.
Fishy Tank is an NFT ecosystem, where you own beautiful unique Fishes and earn Fishy's Tokens by taking care them.
Why Play to Earn ?
By owning one of our millions unique fishes, you will have the ticket to join FISHY NFT Ocean.
Let your Fish swim in the Tank, they will bring reward to you when they grow up.
How much you take care and feed them will decide how fast they grow up. After a period of feeding, you can claim your rewards and TAKE back FEG tokens. The number of reward is basing on the level and rairty of your fish. So, do take care of your Fish more frequently to win the more rewards.
Moreover, you also are able to upgrade your fish by letting them discover new Oceans. After each discovery, your fish will get more experience and maybe some accessories if lucky.
Especially, you can Earn More when your fish give a birth. HOW? A male fish can pair with a female fish, then "she" will get pregnant. During 3-day of pregnency, don't forget to feed "her" with special meals and then, "she" can deliver a new good baby fish. Your Tank will have an additional member and you Earn More tokens
Are you interested ? If YES, JOIN US NOW !
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