Fishy Tank
The way to earn much more !
Fishy-Tank is an ecosystem, we bring all life activities in ocean to your Tank. Hence, surely, your female fish is also able to deliver baby-fishes like real ones.
Your fishes can pair together when their Levels >=5.
When pairing a couple of fishes, the female one will get pregnant.
Pregnancy period will take 3 days, during these 3 days, you have to feed your female fish daily with special food.
The food will cost some FEGs, these foods will keep fetus growing up. Do remember to feed your pregnant fish to get baby-fish on time. If you miss any feeding day, the baby-fish delivery will be delay.
The female will be able to get pregnant again 14 days after its previous delivery.
After each breeding time, Fishy is required to up level to continue breeding.
Let's Earn more and make your Tank plentiful by BREEDING activity!
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