Fishy Tank
Let's transform your fishes into a Super Fish with Fusion feature !
It must be extreme great if your Fish transform into a Super Fish, mustn't it ?
Yes, why not ? Fishy Tank provides the Fusion feature that allows you to combine 2 fishes into 1 Super Fish.
To use this feature, your fishes' level must be >= 5, and their Rarity must be equal
The successful ratio of this feature is 50%. When you have 2 fishes and a little bit luck, you might get the Super Fish. In case you are unlucky, you will lose 1 of 2 fishes.
You can choose to keep your favourite Fishy with Lock Feature.
The Rarity of Super Fish will be up 1 level.
Look at the below example about Super Fish :
Fish 1
Fish 2
Super Fish
Last modified 10mo ago
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