Fishy Tank
Feeding For Winning Rewards
Taking care your fish and get Rewards in return.
Never let you fishes alone, keep them feeding more often to win rewards. This is main activity to make your fish grow up quickly and win as many rewards as possible then. Depending on the feeding package you choose, you will get number of reward corresponding.
There are 4 feeding packages :
Feeding Package
Claiming Time
1 hour
1 hour after feeding
+ 50% Bonus
4 hours
4 hours after feeding
+ 30% Bonus
12 hours
12 hours after feeding
+ 10% Bonus
24 hours
24 hours after feeding
The male fish will get 1.2 times more rewards than female fish. However, the female fish will deliver beautiful baby-fishes to you.
Feeding more often, getting more rewards !
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